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Accelerated Bridging and Interim Finance

Get Fast track funds between £25,000 and £10million with our specialized and innovative finance professionals.

Welcome to 'Bridging Loans Guru' For Quick Short Term Bridging Finance

What are your financial requirements when you just need a home? What do you think, how would you manage those expenses that are out of your league? No Ideas? A trustful resource can make you smile and make your financial statements easy to pay. Bridging finance acts as property finance that is useful to builders, house movers and for individuals.

What are the bridging loans and how do they work?

A bridging loan is a term that takes care of your new home purchase before flogging your existing property, at a high rate of interest. It offers a secured and trustworthy resource for completing the transaction for your new home and completes your financial unbalance.

It works for everyone. For builder entrepreneurs and home movers or even if you are looking for a home auction, It will act as the super help for your need. Reluctance of banks made financial crisis; bridging lenders litigated in the market. That is why lenders are accomplishing the right offer for people as they want.

Interest rates could be high and the charges of your service providing like administration. There would be warning when you are going further into the whole process for applying a bridging finance, therefore you should be careful about the high charges. If you take this loan, the rate of interest will start from 0.75%.

Who are aimed for bridging finance?

The elementary and consecutive implication is, those people who are looking for finance for their new home desperately but due to some bad credit history they cannot apply in the banks.

Generally home movers and builders are more interested in the bridging finance because of their business needs the most of the home for providing to people. If you are looking for a home at auction, it could be helpful to get your home easily.

How to Process Bridging Loans?

With protective and understood information, one should go for bridging loans application. One should understand the mainstream need of the main objective, if he/she would not consider, that could leads to the problems in future payments. Because of high rate of interest it is warned that you may not have any assuredly being accepted for a security interest.

So, when an individual is going to apply for it, they should read all the desired information provided by lenders, if there is something hides one should not go for further process.

Why bridging loans?

Since the bridging loans have supplied £470m, it becomes more and more accurate and trusted for people to get the bridging finance. It’s the more than 18% of the year for a mortgage market.  There are different facts for clearing this where industry gross of bridging lending will be £2.17bn by the end of the July next year. In the buy-to-let and commercial lending, bridging loans are booming and people should know what they can get done.

Where to process your application?

There are single person to commercial companies are providing bridging finance in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for bridging loans, it is advised and recommended that FSA (Financial Services Authority) lenders might most helpful resource in the market.

Likewise, bridging financing is used in numerous ways including; property sale & purchase, property & business investment, sale auction etc. If an individual is looking for deciding out his/her capital tasks, bridging loans can contribute the best part. These loans are given on a short clip span that arrays from 1 month to 1 year.


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Our LatestBlog

There can be many reasons to take bridging finance but its our job to get the best possible finance option according to your needs and other circumstances.

Why BridgingLoans Guru?

We believe in finding best finance alternate for our clients at affordable rates. What makes us different in league is:

  • Our electronic documentation process ensures speed and efficiency.
  • Our free online quotes are really helpful for individuals.
  • We have easy top-up plans that enable customers to top up their existing loan if needed.
  • We satisfy clients with easy settlement options.

Meet our criteriafor Bridging Loans

  • Loan ranges from £25,000 to £10 million.
  • Loan period 1 to 12 months.
  • We offer highest loan values in some cases.
  • We can arrange bridging financing for; Sole Traders, Limited companies, Partnerships and Individuals.
  • Get your cash in 5 to 7 business days.
  • No credit checks, bad credit history and bankruptcy are accepted.
  • Offer interest roll-up schemes.
  • We offer easy and compatible re-financing methods to repay your bridging loans.

Significanceof Bridging Finance

Bridging loans may be used for varied reasons. Find the list below:

  • For Vendue purchases.
  • Used in effective working capital.
  • Taking over against the equity of old place.
  • Used in settling existing mortgage.
  • Used to arrange deposits for new property.
  • To stop convalescences.
  • For legalise use.